How to decorate Ballrooms for Weddings

Published: 30th April 2010
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Ballrooms are the most preferred wedding venues for Christians. It is mostly preferred because of its size and classic interiors. If it is a classical style ballroom you can find traditional interiors with intricately carved vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. These features help you celebrate your marriage in true conventional style. Moreover for a grand occasion like marriage a ballroom can accommodate a large number of guests.

If you have planned for a ballroom wedding, you need to know how to decorate the interiors. Unless you know some essential aspects of ballroom weddings like the types of appropriate decor, arrangement of flowers and proper way to hang curtains you may end up doing a bad job. So how to go about decorating your ballroom wedding is the million dollar question.

First, it is very important to visit the ballroom and get a first hand idea of the interiors. This is important because it can help you come out with some good creative ideas and choices for decorating.

After surveying the ballroom you must purchase suitable photo frames from the market. It may be simple or fancy ones. You can get pictures of your family enclosed in these photo frames. You must know where exactly to hang which picture in the ballroom. To enhance the beauty of the settings you can decorate the frames with flowers.

Have a special arrangement in mind to decorate your reception tables. Standing flower arrangements look very attractive. So you can go for it. Tie colorful silk ribbons to the floral arrangements. To add to the beauty of the arrangement you can lace the settings with themed trinkets. Make sure the flower arrangement is well distributed throughout the ballroom. And every floral arrangement must be accompanied by attractive tall and colorful vases. You can rent statues made of porcelain and arrange them tastefully across the ball room. Have the entire setting arranged with colorful balloons. Build archways stuffed with balloons and flowers to greet guests.

There is no real formula for ballrooms wedding decorations. However to make ballrooms look elegant, you need to have a well thought-out plan.

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